Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Great Pretender...!

It’s great to be talented, isn’t it?  Not that I would know.  But I’m sure it’s lovely.  The fame, the admiration, the money, the babes (or blokes, I’m not that sexist)...and, er, the drugs, and the constant press?!  Okay, fame probably sucks a little bit.  But everyone who can get up in the morning and wipe their own Bums seems to think they’ve got some kind of talent worth showing off to the world.  Hence the recent influx of Talent Shows like The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.  With the success of this format growing bigger and bigger each year, naturally a number of challengers and pretenders have begun to crawl out of the woodwork to try and claim a chunk of this current success for themselves.

Hence Must Be The Music (Sky One), a Show so unoriginal that I predict Simon Cowell  suing them for copyright infringement sometime next week.  The Show revolves around the search for the latest next best thing to happen to Music.  Various Acts must audition for a place in the process, which will ultimately lead to the Public deciding who to win (so it’s guaranteed now that the prettiest people will win, not the most talented).  The prize?  A chance to perform live at a concert in the O2 Arena!!

The Format sounds familiar, although, be fair, it does actually try to get out of X Factor’s shadow by trying some stuff differently.  First off, the Show rules allow for not just solo singers, but for musicians and bands as well.  Thus the array of talent on offer is much more varied and makes for a much more interesting watch.

Also, the Judges here are much more likable and human, whilst at the same time being critical where needed.  Consisting of  award winning instrumentalist Jamie Cullum, singer/songwriter Sharleen Spiteri, and everyone’s favourite Rapper Dizzee Rascal, the panel just feels more up to finding talented singers.  No offence to Cowell and the X Factor judges, but they only look at the auditionees from a money making angle.  Dizzee, Jamie, and Sharleen concentrate on finding Talent and talent alone, not a Cash Cow they can Milk until the Cow dries up and resembles Keira Knightly!!

Ultimately, Must Be The Music is the type of Talent Show I want to watch more of...it’s entertaining, the Judges are all incredibly likeable, charismatic people (unlike the plastics and the old fogies on X Factor), plus there’s a decent mix of various genres and styles on display.  Oh, and Fearne Cotton presents.  What?  What?!!!

Sadly, if the Show is to survive and find an audience, it seriously needs to stop trying to be X Factor and find its own identity.  It’s halfway there, but with a bit more of a rethink, it could just be something truly brilliant!!  It’s an enjoyable hour of Telly, a perfect cap to a hefty week of hard work, and by god, I’m on my knees praying it sticks around long enough for us to get to know one another better.  Here’s hoping the Network bigwigs give it a chance and let it grow.

Oh, and keep Fearne.

What?!!  WHAT?!!!!!!

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